Nov 13, 2017

Sunny Anderson Prepares Us for the Holidays with Amazing Recipes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so all this week we’re serving up some great recipes that you can make for your family with New York Times Best Selling author and Food Network host Sunny Anderson! Get the recipe here at // homepage specific js require(['jquery', 'app/video'], ($, Video) => { var data = { id: 'yCVbtJyu', posterframe: 'https://stevetv.imgix.net/img/episode_clips/55k4leejrd0v6trj2ua4m37ue4_primary.jpg?auto=compress', slug: 'sunny-anderson-prepares-us-for-the-holidays-with-amazing-recipes' }; // set autoplay if on clips detail let autoplay = false; if ( $('body').hasClass('clip') || $('body').hasClass('episode') ) { autoplay = true; } var customParams = { autoplay: autoplay } Video.init(data, customParams); $(document).ready(function() {}); });

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