Aug 08, 2019

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with Rachel Lindsay

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Rachel Lindsay is here with all the best guide ideas you’ll need! For your chance to win a gift card to Buca Di Beppo, a Huggy Square Everlasting Rose Box from The Only Roses, and a gift box from Empress Mimi Lingerie enter here:  // homepage specific js require(['jquery', 'app/video'], ($, Video) => { var data = { id: 'YBCo7cdG', posterframe: 'https://stevetv.imgix.net/img/episode_clips/ehlsiisut28g9bthb25f0nknd5_primary.jpg?auto=compress', slug: 'the-best-valentine-s-day-gift-guide-with-rachel-lindsay' }; // set autoplay if on clips detail let autoplay = false; if ( $('body').hasClass('clip') || $('body').hasClass('episode') ) { autoplay = true; } var customParams = { autoplay: autoplay } Video.init(data, customParams); $(document).ready(function() {}); });

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