• 01:26

    Dawn-Lyen Gardner Plays Steve Harvey's “Uncensored Rapid Fire Questions”

  • 00:56

    Dawn-Lyen Gardner Get Over Her Ocean Fears #BlackGirlsSurf

  • 01:02

    Chrissy Metz and her Love Goes Home for the Holidays

  • 00:46

    There are No Spoilers on ‘This is Us’

  • 01:14

    Chrissy Metz Crushes on LL Cool J

  • 02:16

    Steve’s Dating Pool: Steve Harvey Helps Brianne Find Her Man

  • 04:44

    Hey Steve: How do I Make My Friends Remove Their Shoes?

  • 02:22

    This Christmas Give the Gift of a Tin Can

  • 01:30

    Harvey’s Hundreds: Let’s Get Some C-Notes!

  • 03:14

    Sunny Anderson Prepares Us for the Holidays with Amazing Recipes

  • 02:08

    Last Laugh: Don’t Scare Sunny Anderson!

  • 01:29

    Steve's Dating Pool: Andres & Brianne’s Connection is Incredible

Nov 13, 2017

Chrissy Metz Crushes on LL Cool J

Chrissy Metz gushes over LL Cool J being her celebrity crush. Steve Harvey surprises Chrissy with a special message from the legendary rapper.

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