• 03:48

    'Black Lightning' Star Cress Williams Talks The Show's Success

  • 02:37

    Millennials Feel Like They Have No Work Life Balance

  • 03:51

    Do Millennials Actually Like Dating Apps?

  • 01:48

    Millennials Say Social Media Is Affecting Their Jobs

  • 04:45

    Cheryl Couldn't Open Her Jaw For Two Years After Breaking It

  • 02:51

    Couple Falls In Love At Ages 92 And 80

  • 01:54

    Hey Steve: My Husband Thinks I'm A Bad Driver

  • 01:56

    Can She Get All The Squares?

  • 01:51

    Last Laugh: Llama Spits In Woman's Face

Apr 16, 2018

Do Millennials Actually Like Dating Apps?

It's time to finally figure out millennial dating.

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