• 00:00

    The Warnings Women Give

  • 03:33

    Hey Steve: He Only Talks About Himself

  • 03:06

    Hey Steve: Is It Saving Money or Just Cheap?

  • 04:08

    How To Stay Married: Controlling the Finances

  • 03:42

    How To Stay Married: How to Fight Right

  • 03:24

    Will She Win Harvey’s Hundreds?

  • 00:00

    Delicious Plant Based Meals from Marco Borges

  • 05:08

    The Best Haircare from Carol’s Daughter

  • 03:20

    Black History: Groundbreaking Animator Floyd Norman

Jul 03, 2019

The Warnings Women Give

Steve always says women have intuition. Or in this case, it just might be common sense!

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