• 02:40

    JB Smoove is All About Champagne-Filled Croissants

  • 02:05

    The Time That JB Smoove Opened up for Keith Washington at the Apollo

  • 02:07

    UberEats Eats Up Your Check

  • 02:07

    Hey Steve: How Can I Make My Husband Feel Comfortable About His Eating Habits When Around Me?

  • 03:23

    Steve’s Dating Pool: Steve Harvey Helps Kacie Find Her Man

  • 02:24

    #PUTMEONSTEVE: For His TV Debut, Nigel the Ventriloquist Performs His Act on STEVE

  • 01:22

    Last Laugh: Sometimes Friends Aren’t Loyal

  • 01:24

    Harvey’s Hundreds: Let’s Win Some Franklins!

  • 01:36

    Steve's Dating Pool: Did Kacie Find Her Match?

  • 01:34

    Web Exclusive: Nigel Gets His Shot on Showtime at The Apollo

Dec 28, 2017

JB Smoove is All About Champagne-Filled Croissants

Champagne filled croissant is the ultimate level of decadence, as well as a metaphor.

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