• 01:40

    Can you Guess James Roday’s Pre Show Ritual?

  • 01:10

    Dulé Hill Meets Michael Jackson

  • 03:07

    Steve’s Dating Pool: Steve Harvey helps Comedian Nikki Glaser Find her Guy

  • 01:40

    Steve’s Dating Pool: Will Laughter be the Key to Nikki Glaser’s Heart?

  • 06:14

    Amazing Deals on These Products from MorningSave.com

  • 01:12

    Last Laugh: Never Underestimate your Children

  • 07:28

    Hey Steve: How Do I Get My Fiance to End His Love Affair with his Motorcycle?

  • Steve Harvey Does Not Do Loud Noises

  • 01:44

    Harvey’s Hundreds: She’s Feeling Lucky

Dec 07, 2017

Dulé Hill Meets Michael Jackson

Dulé Hill recounts the time he met the King of Pop at Emmanuel Lewis’ home.

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