• 01:23

    Rocky Carroll Answers Rocky Rapid Fire Questions

  • 02:41

    DJ Khaled on Oprah For President and More

  • 02:04

    This Audience Member Broke A 'Steve' Record

  • 02:41

    DJ Khaled On His New Dedication to Weight Watchers

  • 03:51

    Hey Steve: I Was Ghosted. How Do I Win Her Back?

  • 01:27

    NCIS Star Rocky Carroll On Kids Driving

  • 00:27

    DJ Khaled Gives Audience Members Special Surprise

  • 04:39

    Liz Kennedy Surprises An Audience Member With A Special Makeover

  • 04:41

    Addie The Seven-Year-Old Ninja Will Blow You Away

  • 02:42

    Steve Responds To Tweets About His New Years Eve Outfit

  • 02:19

    Last Laugh: Twins Don't Want To Share A Seat

  • 03:06

    DJ Khaled Gives His Fans Words Of Wisdom

Jan 09, 2018

Rocky Carroll Answers Rocky Rapid Fire Questions

How much does Rocky Carroll know about all things rocky?

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