• 07:30

    Steve Harvey And Miss USA Inhale Balloon Helium Together

  • 02:51

    This Proves Cheating Is A Complicated Issue

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    Do You Pay Your Kids To Do Chores?

  • 03:41

    Here's Why You Should ALWAYS Tip

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    Woman Hilariously Tries To Remember Conan O'Brien's Name

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    You Might Not Be On Board With This Engagement Ring Trend

  • 04:05

    Hey Steve: I'm Frugal, But My Girlfriend Isn't. How Do We Get On The Same Page?

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    This Fan Has Been Dying To Meet Steve Harvey: See Her Reaction To Finally Meeting Him

  • 01:42

    Last Laugh: This Baby's Laugh Will Make You Laugh, Guaranteed

Apr 13, 2018

This Proves Cheating Is A Complicated Issue

Beyoncé stayed by Jay Z's side even after he cheated on her. 'Empire' star Ta'Rhonda Jones, Tamar Braxton and Christine Lakin go into the different reasons someone in a relationship might cheat and more!

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