• 00:59

    Tom Cavanagh Talks His New Short Film 'Tom and Grant' Starring Grant Gustin

  • 00:54

    How Does Tom Cavanagh Play Three Characters On 'The Flash'?

  • 04:55

    Should You Tell Your Friend If You Think They're In A Bad Relationship?

  • 02:33

    Would A Man Be Turned Off By Spicing Things Up In The Bedroom With Toys?

  • 03:58

    Can Yanjaa Remember The Names Of Everyone In The Audience?

  • 03:13

    Steve Harvey Celebrates Black History Month In The Most Steve Harvey Way

  • 01:48

    Hey Steve: My Kid Wants To Study Abroad... What Should I Do?

  • 01:42

    Steve Harvey Gives College Student $1000

  • 00:51

    Last Laugh: You'll Want To Teach Your Dog This Trick!

  • 02:16

    Would You Marry Someone Who's Been Divorced Twice?

Mar 06, 2018

Would You Marry Someone Who's Been Divorced Twice?

Idris Elba is about to be married for the third time, so Steve Harvey asked his Straight Talk panel (Keri Hilson, Christine Larkin, and Dr. Tiffany Davis Henry) is they'd draw the line if their S.O. was married twice.

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