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    Sunny Anderson Shares Her Spicy Mac & Cheese and Tennessee Hot Turkey Glaze

  • Tyler Perry’s New Spiritual Book ‘Higher is Waiting’

  • 00:55

    Steve Harvey Teaches Tyler Perry about Tofurky

  • 02:13

    Steve Harvey says “Just Stop”

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    Last Laugh: Things People Do for Social Media Fame

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    Advice Sisters Opens Pop-Up Advice Booth at Universal Studios Hollywood

  • 01:48

    Hey Steve: How Can I Make My Husband Understand Why I Have a Huge Shoe Collection?

  • 01:23

    Harvey’s Hundreds: She’s Ready!

Nov 17, 2017

Tyler Perry’s New Spiritual Book ‘Higher is Waiting’

Steve Harvey & Tyler Perry discuss his spiritual guidebook. The successful entertainment mogul also explains why writing about his mother was difficult.

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